Vision Statement

The B.A.D. Ball program is design to utilize sports by increasing and improving prosocial behavioral skills of adolescents whom have a track record for disruptive behavior along with low Reading scores.


Mission Statement

B.A.D. Ball is a FREE program which provides the necessary tools for success to struggling adolescents who have been identified with a high number of office referrals. The program uses mentorship, tutoring, counseling and the game of basketball to correct disruptive behavior of those students.


Our Value

Through the B.A.D. Ball program, students will improve their interaction among their peers, teachers and other adults of authority.  Students can also expect a reduction in arguing, loss of temper, defying adult request and any display of anger from its participants.  All students in the program will demonstrate a one grade level increase in Reading through our TPT (Tomorrow’s Promise Today) tutoring program. Our Reading program focus is centered around: Word Fluency, Sentence Structure, Vocabulary and Passage Comprehension.  This program is individually designed to ensure maximum success for each student.


Our Goals

Another primary goal of the B.A.D. Ball program is to instill Character, Leadership, Ownership and Self-worth among youth by providing positive, prominent men in the role of coaches and mentors. We feel strongly that this relationship with positive men from our community is essential in reshaping the perception of how our youth are portrayed within society. The program is designed to demonstrates to our youth how their survival and success plays an invaluable role in our schools and communities. 



The target population is 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students whom have been identified by staff with a high number of office referrals and low Reading scores.


Program Requirements

1-2 days a week per school (choose your days in the week)

Hours are 4:30 – 6:00

10-week program

100% parent participation in transportation of the students

After school snacks will be provided for all participants

(10) Elementary Schools selected to participate in the B.A.D. Ball program